Crossword Puzzles Visualizations

Paper: Evaluating Human-Language Model Interaction | Raw Data & Code | Contact:

We provide both static and replay visualizations of users querying 4 different language models (LMs) to solve one of 5 different crossword puzzles. You can use the search bar to search for a particular username, sort by columns, and click on the Open and Play buttons to open the visualization or replay for any particular interaction trace in your browser .

You can also filter by the final puzzle accuracy for each interaction trace (measured per letter), to see how users who achieved higher accuracy with a given LM might have interacted differently!

Advanced Features:

  1. To increase/decrease the speed of any replay visualization, you can change the following URL parameter: ?interval=20. Lower is faster, and the default value is 100.
  2. You can pause and resume any replay visualization by clicking the space bar.